April 2017: The Mulligan

Dates: 4/1/2017-4/30/2017
Challenge: Finish a previous RT project prior to November 2016
Minimum Word Count: At least 25k of new material
Sign Up Dates: 3/1/2017-3/15/2017
Project File Due: 3/25/2017

You’ll post the work from your project within the first week then starting writing. For the sake of page load time, please keep your posts under 40k so if you have a 100k to post — make 3 posts and label them accordingly. If you’re ready, you can post all of your WIP on the first day so that your readers can refresh their memory on the project before your first new post.

We all have stories we’ve stalled on so please pick one you honestly believe you can finish during the challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a mulligan?
A. In the game of golf, it is an extra stroke that doesn’t count against the player on their score card. It’s also a great stew to make with left-overs. On Rough Trade, it’s an opportunity to try to finish a previous RT challenge.

Q.Is there a minimum post length?
A. 1,000 words

Q.Can I start working on them now?
A. No, don’t be a cheater.

Q.Is there a limit to title length?
A. No, but don’t be fucking ridiculous either.

Q. Does it have to be a prior RT story?
A. Yes.

Q. What if I broke my story off into separate parts and published part of it?
A. Then you can’t use it for this challenge.

Q. What if my story is being published as a WIP on another site?
A. Then you can’t use it for this challenge.

Q. Can I use a RT WIP that I’ve I posted an excerpt of my story during an Evil Author Day event?
A. If you want to use it as an RT project–you have to pull the EAD posts down. I do my best to be on the wall for you but you can’t expect me to bitch at people for hitting you with questions on AO3 or your LJ about the work if you have the work posted there for all to see.

Q. Can I do an original fiction I started in a prior RT?
A. I don’t care if it’s fan fiction or original fiction as long as it was an RT project.

Q. When is my first post of new content due?
A. April 7th

Q. Can I do a RT story that I never got around to starting?
A. No, this should be a work-in-progress from a previous challenge.

Q. What if the story is from a Naked NaNo Challenge?
A. Wow, way to hoard a work-in-progress but sure!

Q. Can I finish someone else’s story?
A. What? No, don’t be a dumbass.

Q. Why is there minimum word count for new material?
A. Because I would consider it a waste of time to set up your project and have you toss off 5k during the challenge and call yourself finished.

Q. Can I do a sequel to a finished project since I don’t have anything unfinished to participate with?
A. No, consider April your vacation at RT and be a reader.

Q. My original story wasn’t working and that’s why I didn’t finish. Am I stuck with my bad plot from back then, or is okay that I’ve replotted the end?
A. I don’t care about your plot and unless you publish your first plot on your new project file, we’ll never know about your previously considered shitty ending.

Q. Does my post(s) of previous work have to be exactly what I posted on RT? I’ve done some editing since then…
A. No, how would I even know?

Questions should be asked on the forum thread.


  1. Okay, last April (2015) the challenge was to write two stories, a historical and a time travel. I wrote two connected stories, an HP with Godric and Salazar and they were reborn and recalled their previous lives when they became John and Rodney from SGA. I didn’t finish either one, though the first is much closer to being done than the second. For this challenge, could I use both or only one. I suspect it is only one but they are connected and were from the same RT challenge so I am not sure. Just want to be sure so if it is only one of them, I can finish the HP one before next April. Thanks.

  2. I posted my Jane Austen/ Harry Potter crossover from the historical challenge on my lj,  if I take it down sometime soon,  can I use it or is it still disqualified for having been posted elsewhere?

    It’s not on any of the usual boards,  just on my personal secondary lj and linked here. I would love to challenge myself to finish that

  3. awesome!!

  4. greywolfthewanderer

    hee, I could *so* do this challenge, I’ve got a couple unfinished RT stories, so I can just grab one and finish it.  very kewl!!!

  5. I am considering this challenge but wanted to know if say I take the NCIS characters like Tony and Gibbs put them in WWII or any other situation that they would in the Military or some type of Agent.  I am thinking this would be ok, but just wanted to check.

  6. I am extremely sorry, I met to ask this on the “Whole New World” Page.  I have to blame the early hour and no caffeine.

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